Варшава / Warszawa

Франція / Francja / France


(14.04.2022) Варшава Франція

[Українська версія готується]

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(14.04.2022) Warszawa – Francja

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(14.04.2022) Warszawa (Warsaw)France

Team4UA (www.team4ua.com) is humanitarian coordination team securing the move of refugees, and providing essential aid by organizing goods, food and medical supplies into the heart of Ukraine.

Support provided

· Transportation to France by bus (Food will provided during the travel. There will be a nurse and interpreter on the bus).

· Accommodation (with French families or at own place – for undefined period).

· Other support: for details contact organizers.


· Warsaw / Nadarzyn

· 2022-04-14, 14:00

Ptak Humanitarian Aid Center

Ptak Warsaw Expo Nadarzyn / Hall D

Aleja Katowicka 62

05-830 Nadarzyn

Other requirements / restrictions

· Documents required: Any document that can proof the identity.

· Animals: allowed.

· Covid19 restrictions (vaccination, tests): no restrictions.

Contact for additional information / Registration

· In person: Organizers’ stand at Ptak Humanitarian Aid Center – on departure day 2022-04-14, since 9.00.

· Remote: not available.